Project Description

The property is situated on Old Seaview Road (see map attached), and consists of a single dwelling unit and associated outbuildings. It is proposed to subdivide the property into four portions (Portions A – D; see map attached) with the intention of developing 8 additional dwelling units on the subdivided portions (2 per portion), with a maximum development footprint of 1 500 m2 per dwelling unit. Including associated infrastructure and services, the total development footprint is anticipated to be approximately 14 000 m2.

The site is generally covered with indigenous vegetation with varying degrees of alien infestation, with many large, exotic trees such as pines and bluegums present. Vegetation on site is mapped as Algoa Sandstone Fynbos, which is listed as Vulnerable. The site does not fall within a Critical Biodiversity Area as set out in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro’s Bioregional Plan (2015), and no surface water features are present on or in the immediate vicinity of the site. Access to the site is via an access road which runs along the eastern boundary of the site.

Surrounding land uses include rural residential small-holdings, wedding and conference venues, the Sardinia Bay Golf and Wildlife Estate, Grassroof Restaurant, and limited agriculture and poultry houses.

(A separate application for activities already commenced on site has been submitted to the Department and can be downloaded from the projects folder on our website)

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