Project Description

The property is situated on Old Seaview Road (see map attached), and consists of a single dwelling unit and associated outbuildings. It is proposed to subdivide the property into four portions (Portions A – D; see map attached) with the intention of developing 8 additional dwelling units on the subdivided portions (2 per portion), with a maximum development footprint of 1 500 m2 per dwelling unit. Including associated infrastructure and services, the total development footprint is anticipated to be approximately 19 000 m2.

An environmental authorisation application has been submitted for the proposed establishment of the additional residential houses and associated infrastructure. However, the applicant has already undertaken some clearing on the property. This previous clearing for the establishment of an internal access road and fence is being subjected to an S24G application for rectification.

Project Downloads

S24G_Chelsea Application

Appendix A Location Map

Appendix B Site Plans

Appendix D Photographs

Appendix H.1 Chelsea Botanical Specialist Report

Appendix H.2 Chelsea Heritage Specialist Report

Appendix H.3a Chelsea Engineers Report

Appendix H.3b Chelsea Engineers Guidelines

Appendix H.4 Town Planning Report

Appendix H.4 Annexure 2 Application Form

Appendix H.4 Annexure 3 Power of Attorney

Appendix H.4 Annexure 4 DeedsWeb

Appendix H.4 Annexure 5 Title deed

App H.4 Annex 6 Conveyancer Certificate

Appendix H.4 Annexure 7 Noting Sheet

Appendix H.4 Annexure 7 SG Diagram

Appendix H.4 Annexure 9 Peri Urban Zone 1

Appendix H.5 Explanation of unlawful commencement

Appendix H. 6 Borehole Water

Appeendix H.7 Proof of advertisement